Bad posture can affect the position of the teeth in your children

The position is in intimate relation with the position of your teeth
In this article we focus on the posture position especially in children’s teeth and its importance.

The mouth, face and neck are intimately related, they are together like a puzzle, where all the pieces play an important role. The best solution is to improve posture and go with a orthodontist Tijuana.

Many times when using the computer or doing homework, we see that the child adopts a bad position, taking the neck forward and lowering the shoulders; this will gradually distort one or more vertebrae that are at neck height (increased cervical lordosis), resulting in the front teeth passing more towards the front; or it can also happen that he walks in a stooped way, with his head forward in relation to the body; and so, I can go citing several examples of bad posture that directly or indirectly affect the position of the teeth and can lead to the use of orthodontics or worse, in a dysfunction of the organs that form the mouth, generating pain during chewing or when opening the mouth, for example.

When not having a correct posture the muscles of the mouth and the head, work stressed, with overload, trying to compensate the existing imbalance in the set; hence the importance of generating a good posture where the head, shoulders, hips, knee, feet and spine are aligned and work together dynamically.

Postural alterations represent a risk factor, mainly for mouth breathing and organ dysfunction of the mouth. In some cases the inverse relationship can also occur, dysfunctions at the level of the mouth, can result in postural alterations.

Knowing all this, bear in mind that the bad position of the teeth can be prevented if we eliminate risk factors such as bad posture.

It is important to generate the right environment, when doing the task for example, use furniture that predispose to this end; the table and chair with the correct height, as well as the type of shoes or daily transport, and very important, how to carry school supplies; my choice would be to roll them instead of carrying them; besides children like it.