Recommendations to be a good father

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1. Love your children as they are

One of the great challenges for parents is to let the essence of their children come out. It is not an easy task, because to achieve this it is necessary to balance the education that you want to provide with individual freedom.

However, you can start by letting them express their feelings and respect that expression, allowing them to show their tastes and value them as their own and individual. Never expect your children to be what you as a parent want, and respect and love what they are in essence.

Do not force them to carry your frustrations. You must accept that they choose the future of their life, that they have their own dreams and ideals. Allow them to develop their world view and let them explore life according to their interests. Do not try to change the essence of your children, and rather give them tools to develop it. If you love them as they are, they will also love themselves.

2. Talk to them with love

The way you talk to your children will teach them how to deal with themselves, that is, it will create an internal voice with which they will evaluate and measure themselves in the future; for this reason it is important that you talk to them with love and use a calm and soft voice.

The screams affect the children’s self-esteem and mistreat them. It is always possible to correct and teach with good words, without insults, profanities, offenses or belittling what he does. The point is to separate the action of a child from his personality.

A child can be foolish, but that is not why he is stupid. Never tell them they are gross, incapable, inept, bad children or bad people. Tell them they have done wrong and show them how to do things correctly. So also exalts your achievements and successful actions and tell them as many times as you can, that you love them and that they can always count on you.

3. Play with them

The game is the most important activity with which the child discovers the world, recognizes and expresses their feelings, learns, has fun and understands life. When you play with your children, you are also telling them that life makes sense, you teach them that playing makes sense and you are sharing with them one of the most important moments of the day.

When they play together, they feel that you love them. Just as for you, work is the way you deal with your everyday life, because it is what you like to do and you want to share your achievements and expectations with your family, they want to enjoy their moments of fun with you. Take them to the park, invent worlds, build houses with cardboard boxes, read stories together, go for a run, take tea with dolls, prepare cookies, wake them up with lots of laughs and make their days as happy and fun as possible.

4. Cherish them and hug them

Newborns need contact with the skin to feel that they are not alone in the world, but over the years we forget to express with a hug or a caress the love for our children.

Caresses help build the child’s self-esteem, make him feel important and cared for when he needs it, which will allow them to establish better relationships when they are adults. In addition, they will facilitate establishing more stable emotional attachments or bonds.